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[HYUMEDI] Liposuction Machine/LipoDerm

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[HYUMEDI] Liposuction Machine/LipoDerm[Hyumedi Co., Ltd.]

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Hyumedi is specialized in skin & body care equipment, medical diagnostic equipment and massage gel for skin & body care treatment and other functional cosmetics using at dermatology clinic and beauty saloon.

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LipoDerm is the newest therapeutics to demolish subcutaneous fat using 25KHz Ultrasound Device without any surgery so users don't have to worry about any side effects.

The Treatment time is fast and simple.

This LipoDerm Machine can be applied without distinction of sex, age and especially has strong effect for demolishing of the fat abdominal region, waste, hips and  the fleshy inside of the thigh.

 Clients can get weight loss just after 2~4 weeks since the first treatment is treated.

The number of the demolished fat cells never get increased so the effect is lasting.

Main feature of LipoDerm treatment is to decrease the number of fat sell demolishing

subcutaneous fat so the regrowing fat scarcely occurs.



- LipoDerm Therapy is non surgical method to remove fat demolishing only fat cell without any

  contusion, pain and scar.

- LipoDerm is the safest form care treatment without any surgical operation, hospital



- The demolished fat cell is dissolved into a glycerol and 3 fatty acids.

- Glycerol is transferred to liver through body fluids and the circulating system of the lymph.

- Fatty acids transferred to liver is released into the outside of body through the safe and

  normal human body physiology process.

- LipoDerm Treatment remains no side effects after treatment and there are some different

  results among clients.



- Voltage: 220V(60Hz)

- Power Consumption: 80W

- Frequency: 28KHz

- Weight: 8Kg

- Dimension: 332(W) X 395(L) X 228(H)mm



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