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Portable RF Machine

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Portable RF Machine[Hyumedi Co., Ltd.]

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Hyumedi is specialized in skin & body care equipment, medical diagnostic equipment and massage gel for skin & body care treatment and other functional cosmetics using at dermatology clinic and beauty saloon.

Hyumedi always makes an effort to provide our customers with satisfaction.



Principles of High-frequency Equipment

-  When the 300KHz high frequency is loaded into deep skin region, rotation, distortion and collision, movement is occurred. It was turned into bio-thermal energy and increase tissue temperature resulting in cell metabolism enhance, blood and lymphatic fluids circulation promotion, cellulite removal, fat cell dissolution and skin regeneration enhancement effects etc.


Biological changes of high frequency

-  Enhances blood circulation: Promotes blood circulation and metabolism by the increased

   circulation of the blood due to arterial and capillary expansions.

-  Enhances lymphatic circulation: Excretion of toxic materials due to the increased

   hydrostatic pressure of capillary vessel.

-  Cell vitalization: cellulite removal, lipid dissolution

-  Enhances collagen synthesis : Electromagnetic waves are reflected from the border of

   epidermis-dermis layer (1st reflection) and dermis-subcutaneous layer (2nd reflection).

   These reflections induce artificial scar and there are collagen synthesis for scar recovery. 
   Collagen synthesis effects are utilized for anti-wrinkle treatment.


Whole body treatment by RF (Radio Frequency)

-  Anti-wrinkle and Skin regeneration:

-  Blood circulations are promoted according to face muscles.

-  Recovering resilient face from saggy state due to the RF stimulation of dermis collagen



Fleck improvement and Whitening:

  Oxygen supply, toxic wastes emission, melanin dissolution and excretion inhibition



 Sebum excretion control, keratin removal, skin regeneration

Face contraction :

  Muscle relaxation, Fat dissolution, Elasticity enhancement

Obesity Treatment :

. Fat tissue dissolution and burning out
. Back: Stress soothing and muscle relaxation
. Breast : Raising up breast elasticity
. Abdomen: Activates diuresis and visceral fat dissolution
. Lower body: Relaxation of joint ligament, waste emission and dissolution

  of fat cellulite
. Scalp: Promoted hair regeneration, depilate prevention




  • Model : BLUE
  • Frequency : 300KHz
  • Voltage : 220V, 60Hz
  • Power consumption : 120VA
  • Output Voltage : Max.145Vp_p
  • Output Voltage Current : Max.100mA
  • Size : 270mm x 340mm x 205mm [H x W x L]
  • Weight : 26kg
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