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Carbo Gel CO2 for Skin Rejuvenation

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Carbo Gel CO2 for Skin Rejuvenation, Activating Metabolism[Hyumedi Co., Ltd.]

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Strong and Fast Effect for Skin Rejuvenation, Dissolving Fat and Activating Metabolism

Hyumedi is specialized in skin & body care equipment, various diagnostic equipment and massage gel for skin & body care treatment and other functional cosmetics using at dermatology clinic and beauty saloon.

Huymedi has a special team organized by experts having many experiences for selling and repairing the used medical equipment.

Hyumedi always makes an effort to provide our customers with satisfaction.

Hyumedi has a big market share in the field of used medical equipment in Korea.

'Once a customer is an eternal customer' is Hyumedi's motto.



- Carbo Gel CO2

. For facial care

. For body care


- Principle

. It is called DDS (Drug Delivery System) being absorbing into the skin due to chemical

  reaction generating CO2 between Gel and Mask pack.

. It activates metabolism and releasing the body wastes due to vasodepressor operation

  by CO2 and Oxygen.


- Application

. Improving Dermatitis, Whitening and Partial Reduction Effects.

. Activationg Metabolism

. Dissolving Fat

. Releasing Body Wastes

. Facial Skin Care & Slimming Treatment

. Effect of Strong Moisturizing


- Package

. For Facial Care: 25g X 5ea (For 5 times treatment)

. For Body Care : 65g X 5ea (For 5 times treatment)


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