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[Hyumedi Co., Ltd.]

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[Hyumedi Co., Ltd.]

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* Electric Stimulator for acupunture. - SM-900 is named as Electric Stimulator for medical use to reduce pain effectively. SM-900 is one of electric stimulators designed for transcutaneous electrical acupuncture point stimulation therapy, TEAS) based on low frequency stimulator integrated in various pulsed minimizing de-polarization. Moreover you can set up basic frequency (carrier frequency ) for your specified treatment. - Strong Effective point Especially spike-typed electrodes are adopted for non-invasive acupuncture instead of invasive needle acupuncture and easy to be attached on a patient's acupuncture points. 1. Encoder more durable and high-qualitied than volume-typed knob 2. Vacuuming intensity precisely adjustable till 250mmHg by a step of 1mmHg 3. Endurable motor pump at low-levelled noise 4. Muscular fatique become minimized and deep infiltration of current maximized due to the non-simultaeneous depolarization induced by interference of sine waveform 5. Various basic frequencies (Carrier frequency) 1KHz/1.5KHz/2.1KHz/2.5KHz/3.0KHz/5.0KHz selectable 6. Modulated frequency adjustable from 1 to 200 by 1Hz 7. Used Ferrite Core with high frequency transformer make output waveform even and precised due to the good result of output 8. Safety devices ① Controlling consistent current ② Limiting treatment time ③ Locking output automatically