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Skin Body Care Treatment

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Carbo Gel CO2/Skin & Body Care Treatment, Reducing Fat & Whitening[Hyumedi Co., Ltd.]

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'Once a customer is an eternal customer'

Hyumedi is specialized in skin & body care equipment, medical diagnostic equipment and massage gel for skin & body care treatment and other functional cosmetics using at dermatology clinic and beauty saloon.

Hyumedi always makes an effort to provide our customers with satisfaction.



It is called DDS (Drug Delivery System) being absorbing into the skin due to chemical reaction generating CO2 between Gel and Mask pack.
It activates metabolism and releasing the body wastes due to vasodepressor operation by CO2 and Oxygen.


Improving dermatitis, Whitening and Partial Reduction Effects.

Main Ingredients
Water, Glycerin, Anhydrous Caffeine, Extract of Licorice, Carbonic Acid Hydrogen Sodium, Citric Acid

For Face
Capacity : 25g x 5ea (For 5 times treatment)

For Body
Capacity : 65g x 5ea (for 5 times treatment)