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Physical Therapy Device[Hyumedi Co., Ltd.]

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Physical Therapy Device[Hyumedi Co., Ltd.]

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I.C.T (Interferential Current Therapy)

Interferential current equipment easy to be used for medical treatments
- SM-850P with 2 channels for one person
- SM-850P with 4 channels for two persons (Independent 2 outputs)


  1. You can choose pad-electrodes or vacuuming suction electrodes to the regions of pain.
  2. Useful auto-treatment programs are pre-memorized in the devices and can be updated through RS232 up-date kit connected to your personal computer.
  3. Auto modes created by specialist are suitable to the types of pain.
  4. You can adjust suction intensity and suction speed so that sufficient massage effects might be expected: Applicable to only to SM-800P with 4 channels


  • Power voltage : AC220V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption : 40W [1P] / 120W [2P]
  • 71mA/100V peak [when 500 Ω loads]
  • Basic Frequency 4800 Hz
  • Vacuuming intensity : Below 250mmHg
  • Treatment time : 1-60 minutes
  • Timer : 0-60 minutes free as sets
  • Weight of product : 3.5Kg [1P] / 15Kg [2P]
  • Size of product : W390 x L314 x H213.2mm [2P]